Concept "Image of your tale" includes:

◦ Exchange of style, clothing and wishes.

◦ 1.5-hour photo shoot in home studio or nearby area.

◦ Artist's selection of photo, post-processing and creativity.

◦ 6 photos with watermark for social media.

◦ 1 Magnification of your choice:

                   - magnification (50x50 / 60) on high-quality photo paper

                   - enlargement (50x50 / 60) on dibond (with a surcharge of 10 euros)

This concept excludes high-quality digital images.


° 1 person                                                                     150 €

° Children from 1 family (up to 2 children)                   175 €

° Family portrait                                                            195 €

° On location (pop-up studio)                                       275 €

° Fine Art Portait                                                           225 €



On my price list you can find what service is included in the photo shoot. A very important part of the concept is the preliminary discussion and post-processing. In this way I express my own style, I distinguish myself from other photographers and how to mark my own "signature".

For me, photography means much more than the correct exposure, composition, pressing of the button, shooting the "picture" that takes place in front of the lens. It's my passion! It encompasses the core of my creativity. I put my heart and soul into this, so that I can guarantee a unique result. I deliver the photos with my own "touch".

Extra information :

All digital images may be used by the photographer for blogs, social media and promotion with written permission from the party involved.

And of course it's possible to purchase a gift card.




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